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Полный рабочий день
Москва (возможен переезд)

Мужчина, 33 года, гражданский брак

Дети: нет

Гражданство: Страны дальнего зарубежья

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Опыт работы

6 лет 2 месяца

август 2011 — наст. время

Partner and Managing Director

EasternGraphics Russia (EasternGraphics, a dynamic and innovative company, is the European market leader specialized in developing cutting-edge professional applications for visual product configuration, interactive 3D computer graphics and e-commerce.), Mosocw

▪ Founding and managing Russian Subsidiary (all cooperate areas, incl. staff responsibility)
▪ B2B software and services sales in whole CIS to furniture, medical and operating facilities industries
▪ Optimizing clients’ sales process and improving their ability to present and promote own products
▪ Establishing company’s brand and build up a large user community in Russia

1 год 11 месяцев

октябрь 2009 — август 2011

Project Manager and Constructing engineer

Siemens AG Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany

▪ Improving in-house assembly processes of medical systems (primarily CT, MRT), designing process tools
▪ Supervising and controlling project from proposal up to the moment the goods are tested and handed over to the customer, using SAP for documentation



Дневная(очная) форма обучения

2009 г.

TU Ilmenau, г. Ilmenau, Germany

Факультет: Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering

Курсы и тренинги

1/2 year

Дата окончания: январь 2007 г.

A semester abroad at Russian partner university

Южно-Российский государственный политехнический университет, г. Новочеркасск

Уровень владения компьютером:


Знание иностранных

Английский (Технический/Специальный)

Русский (Свободный)

Немецкий (Свободный)

Водительские права:

Категории B (2002 г.)

 Ключевые навыки и достижения:

Business activities from the scratch (EasternGraphics Russia as branch office)
▪ Initial market research, business planning and budgeting
▪ Multi-factor analysis of options, commercial and legal negotiations with Russian partners

Operational and strategic management (EasternGraphics Russia)
▪ Highly self-motivated elaborating and optimizing business processes for all cooperate areas
▪ Building up data creation department to support local industrial clients with configurable product database

Sales and Customer Relationship Management (EasternGraphics Russia)
▪ Setting up and controlling whole Sales Process including needs analysis, prospecting, lead generation (cold calling and networking), follow up, consulting, conclusion, accounting and aftercare
▪ Acquisition of long-standing clients in the CIS area and the most important costumers in the sector

Marketing, Online Marketing and Brand Building (EasternGraphics Russia)
▪ Presenting companies brand on 70% of exhibitors stands at most important trade fair of office furniture industry in Moscow, organizing and accompanying exhibition appearance
▪ Increasing page views (0 to 1400 a day) of the new regional web site (2011 - 2014)
▪ Designing and tracking Email Marketing Campaigns for newsletter subscribers
▪ Creating material for both online and offline presentation of products and brand

Great understanding of technical issues (Siemens)
▪ Solving with a high degree of creativity complex technical problems of clients with production and assembly processes of medical systems using CAD software and SAP

Networking and Communication (EasternGraphics Russia)
▪ Guiding and enabling other company branch offices to win important customers due to excellent personal contacts to decision makers in local market area
▪ Building up and maintaining a strong Business relationship mostly with company officers and supervisors from Russian and European Office Furniture industry

Training and Customer Service (EasternGraphics Russia)
▪ Designing and performing training programs and webinars
▪ Customer service, technical support and problem solving for installing and using our software

Teamwork and leadership (EasternGraphics Russia, Siemens, University)
▪ Coordinating and leading a team of five engineers in a project with order volume of 600000 €
▪ Managing projects and controlling tasks of Russian employees and project based freelancers
▪ Leading as a student a practical course in mechatronics for younger students

 Ваши хобби, увлечения:

Financial markets and global economy, jogging, cultural and city tourism

 Прочие сведения о себе, комментарии:

Outstanding problem solving, organizing and communication skills. Hands-on mentality. Analytical approach. German. Fluently in Russian language and an expert on Russia for over 10 years. Benefiting from advantages of both working worlds for a successful development and achieving established objectives.

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